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  • Security Council Press Statement on Afghanistan Statement 29/09/2014

    The members of the Security Council welcomed the inauguration on 29 September 2014 of Dr Ashraf Ghani as the new President of Afghanistan, marking the first democratic transition of power in the country’s history, and looked forward to the formation of the Government of National Unity with Dr Abdullah Abdullah as its Chief Executive Officer.

    The members of the Security Council reiterated the importance of all parties in Afghanistan working within the framework of the Government of National Unity in order to achieve a unified, peaceful and prosperous future for all the people of Afghanistan.

    The members of the Council reiterated their call for the Government of National Unity to effectively address the issues facing the country, including security, good governance, human rights, in particular for women and children, democracy and the fight against corruption, as well as economic recovery, improving the livelihood of its people and addressing the cross-cutting issue of counter-narcotics.

    The members of the Council reiterated their condemnation of violent and terrorist activities by the Taliban, Al-Qaida and other violent extremist and terrorist groups aimed at destabilizing the situation in the country, and reasserted that no terrorist act can reverse the path towards Afghan-led peace, democracy and stability in Afghanistan, which is supported by the people and the Government of Afghanistan and by the international community.

  • General Debate of the 69th Session of the UN General Assembly Statement 26/09/2014

    Address by H.E. Mr Xavier Better, Prime Minister of Luxembourg:

    "Mr President,
    Ladies and gentlemen,

    It is a great honour for me to address this august Assembly for the first time. And I must tell you it is a great emotion.

    Commitment, solidarity, responsibility: these are the three key words that have guided and will continue to guide my country’s action at the United Nations.

    As a founding member of the United Nations, Luxembourg has based its foreign policy upon an active participation in multilateral cooperation. This multilateralism is founded on the respect for international law and the cooperation between sovereign and equal States to work collectively for peace, development and respect of human rights.

    For us, the United Nations is at the heart of multilateralism. We are committed to making the UN as effective as possible, so that we can solve together, in solidarity, the problems which go well beyond our capacities as States but which it is our responsibility to overcome for the sake of future generations.

    Commitment, solidarity, responsibility: this is also the approach that should guide our response to the challenges we face on the 2015 horizon. [...]"

  • Security Council Summit – Open Debate Statement 24/09/2014

    Threats to international peace and security caused by terrorist acts:

    Foreign terrorist fighters

    Statement by H.E. Mr. Xavier Bettel, Prime Minister of Luxembourg:

    "Thank you Mr President,

    First of all, as has been said by my friend the French President, I would like to extend my condolences to the families of all the victims of terrorism. And I fully support what my colleagues the British and Australian Prime Minister and the King of Jordan have just said: using religion to justify acts of barbarism is the worst thing to do.


    Mr President,

    I would like to thank you for having taken the initiative to convene this Security Council Summit. It is an opportunity to affirm the full commitment of Luxembourg to counter the threat posed by foreign terrorist fighters. It is a threat that has increased in recent months. It concerns us all, as was explained to us by our Secretary-General a while ago.

    The distinguished speakers that preceded me have clearly described the problem. For Europe and for my own country, the threat emanating from foreign terrorist fighters is a matter of growing concern. At present, it is estimated that thousands of foreign fighters have joined terrorist groups such as the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, the Al-Nusra Front or Al-Qaeda and its affiliates, particularly in Syria and in Iraq. When they return to their countries of origin, these terrorist fighters continue to present a danger. The arrests of numerous fighters in the Middle East and in Europe, the recent atrocities committed in Arsal in Lebanon, and the terrorist attack perpetrated against the Jewish Museum in Brussels on 24 May 2014, are examples which attest to the fact that the threat is real. [...]"

  • Security Council Press Statement on Murder of Hervé Gourdel Statement 24/09/2014

    The members of the Security Council strongly condemned the heinous and cowardly murder today of Hervé Gourdel, a French citizen, by the Jund al-Khilafa. It also once again demonstrates the barbaric brutality of those who declare themselves affiliated to ISIL.

    The members of the Security Council expressed their deep sympathy and condolences to the family of the victim, and to the Government of France.

    The members of the Security Council stressed that ISIL and those who defend their goals must be defeated and that the intolerance, violence and hatred it espouses must be stamped out. [...]

  • Security Council unanimously adopts resolution 2178 on foreign terrorist fighters Statement 24/09/2014

    Resolution 2178 (2014) - draft version

  • Sommet de l'ONU sur le climat Statement 23/09/2014

    Intervention de Mme Carole Dieschbourg, Ministre de l’Environnement du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg :

    "Notre défi commun consiste à limiter à 2 degrés Celsius l’augmentation de la température globale moyenne.

    Il ne pourra être atteint que si l’on aboutit à un accord à la fois ambitieux et réaliste l’an prochain à Paris pour la période post-2020. Pour ce qui concerne la période actuelle, je tiens à vous informer que le Luxembourg a bien lancé le processus de ratification des amendements de Doha au Protocole de Kyoto, et j’invite toutes les parties concernées à faire de même.

    Le Gouvernement luxembourgeois a fait de la lutte contre le changement climatique une priorité. Parce que nous sommes convaincus que des efforts supplémentaires sont nécessaires, et qu’ils seront payants sur le long terme. Les opportunités qu’ils vont générer sont nombreuses. A nous de les saisir, sans perdre de vue les intérêts légitimes de nos partenaires, auxquels nous allons renforcer notre assistance. [...]"

  • Security Council Press Statement on Yemen Statement 23/09/2014

    The members of the Security Council welcome the signature of the Peace and National Partnership Agreement in Yemen that builds on the National Dialogue Conference outcomes and the Gulf Co-operation Council Initiative and Implementation Mechanism. This is the best means to stabilise the situation and prevent further violence.  The members of the Security Council support the efforts of the Special Adviser to the Secretary-General on Yemen, Jamal Benomar, in facilitating the signing and implementation of this agreement.

    The members of the Security Council call on all parties to implement, fully and immediately, all terms of this agreement in its entirety, including turning over all medium and heavy weapons to legitimate State security bodies.

    The members of the Security Council emphasise that any actions disrupting security and the carrying out of attacks and threats against political opponents are unacceptable and threaten the peace and security of the whole country.  These actions must cease now.  In this regard, the members of the Security Council underline the necessity for all the parties, including the Houthis, to abide strictly by the terms of the Peace and National Partnership Agreement in its entirety. [...]

  • Suivi du Programme d’action de la Conférence internationale sur la population et le développement au-delà de 2014 Statement 22/09/2014

    Intervention de S.E. M. Jean Asselborn, Ministre des Affaires étrangères et européennes :

    "La Conférence sur la population et le développement qui s’est tenue au Caire il y a 20 ans et le Programme d’action qui en a résulté ont marqué un pas en avant fondamental dans le monde du développement. Des sujets sensibles mais essentiels pour assurer un développement durable ont enfin trouvé la place qui leur est due dans l’agenda international.
    Je tiens à souligner que le Luxembourg respecte et met en œuvre les principes et les recommandations du Plan d’action de la CIPD tant au niveau de ses politiques nationales qu’au niveau de ses politiques en matière de coopération au développement et d’action humanitaire.
    20 ans après la Conférence du Caire le constat s’impose que malheureusement nous sommes encore loin des objectifs que nous nous étions fixés. Je félicite le rapport du Secrétaire général sur la revue opérationnelle de la mise en œuvre du Plan d’action de la CIPD qui explique clairement pourquoi ces principes restent importants même après 2014. Dans ce sens, je tiens à confirmer que le Luxembourg soutient l’intégration des recommandations et des conclusions de cette revue opérationnelle dans l’agenda de développement de l’après 2015 qui devra être fondé sur les principes des droits de l’homme, de la dignité et de l’égalité pour tous. [...]

  • Security Council Press Statement on Afghanistan election Statement 21/09/2014

    The members of the Security Council welcomed the conclusion of Afghanistan’s presidential election and the agreement signed today in Kabul between the two leading presidential candidates, Dr Ashraf Ghani and Dr Abdullah Adbulllah, to establish a Government of National Unity.

    The members of the Council recalled the courage and determination of the Afghan people who participated in the electoral process in large numbers despite threats and intimidation by the Taliban and other violent extremist and terrorist groups. They emphasised the importance of all parties in Afghanistan working within the framework of the Government of National Unity in order to achieve a unified, peaceful and prosperous future for all the people of Afghanistan.

    The members of the Council recognised the role of the Afghan electoral institutions in conducting the comprehensive audit into the presidential vote. They commended the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA), other UN agencies, and the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for the effective and critical support provided to Afghan institutions throughout the electoral process, and acknowledged the valuable role of international observers and Afghanistan’s international partners. [...]

  • Epidémie Ebola : l'Assemblée générale salue la création de l'UNMEER Statement 19/09/2014

    L'Assemblée générale a adopté la résolution A/69/L.2, déposée par son Président, par laquelle elle se félicite de l'intention du Secrétaire général de créer une Mission des Nations Unies pour l’action d’urgence contre l’Ebola (UNMEER).

  • Debate of the Security Council on the situation concerning Iraq Statement 19/09/2014

    Intervention de S.E. M. Jean Asselborn, Ministre des Affaires étrangères et européennes :

    "Mr President, 

    What happened these past weeks is utterly outrageous. We all have before our eyes the unbearable images of victims in agony, of dead children lined up, of thousands of people trapped, without water or food, in the desert Sinjar mountain range. Not to forget the barbarous beheading of the two American journalists, Jim Foley and Steven Sotloff, and of British humanitarian worker David Haines.

    We have all witnessed the massacres and atrocities committed against civilian populations by the terrorists of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, during the fighting in Fallujah, in Ramadi, the assault on Mosul, the conquests of Zumar, Sinjar and Tal Afar, or the seizure of Qaraqosh, Iraq’s largest Christian city, forcing hundreds of thousands of Iraqis to flee their homes. 

    The violence has reached an inconceivable level, magnitude and intensity. Children as young as fifteen, fourteen or even thirteen years are compelled by the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant to bear arms, arrest civilians, or commit suicide attacks. The jihadists commit war crimes and crimes against humanity on a daily basis: enforced disappearances, torture, sexual violence, deliberate attacks against schools and hospitals. An ethnic and religious cleansing campaign is targeting the minorities in the North of Irak, especially the Yezidis, the Christians and the Turkmen."

  • Statement by the President of the Security Council on UNDOF Statement 19/09/2014

    “The Security Council reaffirms the importance of maintaining the 1974 Disengagement of Forces Agreement between Israel and the Syrian Arab Republic.  The Security Council stresses that, despite the latest security challenges and United Nations Disengagement Observer Force’s (UNDOF) temporary relocation of the majority of its personnel across the Alpha line, both parties must remain committed to the terms of the disengagement agreement and scrupulously observe the ceasefire and the separation of forces.  The Security Council also urges both parties to continue to offer support to UNDOF during this period of heightened security threats, and to offer UNDOF and UN Truce Supervision Organization (UNTSO)-Observer Group Golan safe passage and resupply when requested.

    “The Security Council also reaffirms its unconditional support for UNDOF and the importance of maintaining UNDOF as a vital contributor to peace and security in the Middle East.  The Security Council notes with concern the deteriorating security situation in UNDOF’s area of operation due to the ongoing Syrian conflict and the activities of several non-state armed actors, including Al-Nusra Front, and the risk it poses to the disengagement agreement and to UN peacekeepers serving there.  In this connection, the Security Council recognizes the necessity of efforts to flexibly adjust UNDOF’s posture to minimize risk to UN personnel as UNDOF continues to implement its mandate, while emphasizing that the ultimate goal is for the peacekeepers to return to their positions in UNDOF’s area of operation as soon as practicable.

    “The Security Council condemns recent hostile acts against UN peacekeepers in UNDOF’s area of operation by UNSC-designated terrorist groups and non-state armed actors and stresses that there can never be any justification for these attacks on and detention of UN peacekeepers.   The Security Council is deeply concerned that firing in close proximity to UN positions and camps also significantly increases risk to UN personnel. To this end, the Security Council demands that all groups other than UNDOF must abandon all UNDOF positions and the Quneitra crossing point, and return the peacekeepers’ vehicles, weapons, and other equipment.   The Security Council reiterates that UNDOF’s mandate, impartiality, operations, safety, and security must be respected. The Security Council calls upon all parties to allow UNDOF to operate freely and to ensure full security of its personnel and full implementation of the 1974 agreement. [...]

  • Statement by the President of the Security Council on Iraq Statement 19/09/2014

    The Security Council welcomes the newly formed Government of Iraq and calls on the international community to support its efforts to strengthen further democratic institutions, to maintain security and combat terrorism and to create a safe, stable and prosperous future for the people of Iraq.  The Security Council reaffirms its support for the independence, sovereignty, unity, and territorial integrity of Iraq and reaffirms further the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations.

    The Security Council underscores the need for all segments of the Iraqi population to participate in the political process and engage in political dialogue. The Security Council is encouraged by the Iraqi Government’s commitment to resolve longstanding issues through an inclusive political process and consistent with the Iraqi Constitution and look forward to implementation of this commitment through its new national agenda. The Security Council encourages Iraq’s leaders to accelerate implementation of this agenda and national reconciliation to address the needs of Iraq’s diverse communities.  

    The Security Council also urges Member States to work closely with the Government of Iraq to identify how best the international community can aid implementation of the new Iraqi agenda.  The Security Council reaffirms its full support for the UN Assistance Mission for Iraq in advising and assisting the Iraqi people and the Government of Iraq in strengthening democratic institutions and advancing inclusive political dialogue. 

  • Séance d’information publique du Conseil de sécurité sur l’Ukraine Statement 19/09/2014

    Intervention de S.E. M. Jean Asselborn, Ministre des Affaires étrangères et européennes du Luxembourg :

    "Madame la Présidente,

    En adoptant la résolution 2166, le Conseil de sécurité a condamné  la destruction de l’appareil de Malaysia Airlines en Ukraine, qui a entraîné la disparition tragique de 298 personnes. Il a exprimé sa profonde sympathie et ses condoléances aux familles des victimes de cette catastrophe. Il est évident que la priorité absolue est allée au rapatriement des dépouilles et à l’identification des victimes. Il est essentiel de poursuivre ce travail pour permettre aux familles et aux amis de toutes les victimes d’avoir la certitude sur le sort de leurs proches.

    Dans la résolution 2166, le Conseil de sécurité a demandé une enquête internationale exhaustive, minutieuse et indépendante sur cet incident, conformément aux directives de l’aviation civile internationale. La conduite de cette enquête a été déléguée par l’Ukraine aux Pays-Bas.

    Nous avons pleine confiance dans l’enquête menée par le Bureau néerlandais de la sécurité des transports, en coopération avec des experts internationaux et de l’OACI, conformément aux dispositions pertinentes de la Convention de Chicago. Nous saluons le travail sérieux et indépendant du Bureau qui a mené à la publication, le 9 septembre dernier, d’un rapport intermédiaire donnant les premiers résultats de l’enquête. [...]"

  • Security Council Press Statement on Mali Statement 19/09/2014

    The members of the Security Council condemned in the strongest terms the attack by an explosive device on the road between Aguelhok and Tessalit, Mali, on 18 September, in which five Chadian peacekeepers of the United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali (MINUSMA) were killed and three other peacekeepers were severely injured.

    The members of the Security Council expressed their deepest condolences to the families of the peacekeepers killed, as well as to the Government and people of Chad, and to MINUSMA.

    The members of the Security Council commended the Chadian peacekeepers for their sacrifices and continued tireless efforts in MINUSMA. [...]

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