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Iran/non-proliferation: adoption of resolution 2105 (2013)

Published Wednesday June 05 2013

Emphasizing the importance of credible, fact-based, independent assessments, analysis, and recommendations, the Security Council this morning extended until 9 July 2014 the mandate of the Panel of Experts appointed by the Secretary-General in 2010 to assist the Committee that monitors implementation of the sanctions regime on Iran.

Unanimously adopting  resolution 2105 (2013) , the Council also asked the Panel, appointed by the Secretary-General pursuant to Council resolution 1929 (2010), to give the Committee by 9 November 2013 a midterm report on compliance with the sanctions regime, and after discussing it with the Committee, to issue it to the Council by 9 December.  A final report by the Panel with its findings and recommendations should be submitted to the Committee by 9 May 2014, and after discussions, to the Council by 9 June 2014.

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