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Kosovo: Security Council Debate

Published Thursday August 29 2013

Today, the Security Council held a debate on the United Nations Interim Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK), with the participation of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Kosovo and Serbia.

In his intervention, the Chargé d'affaires a.i. of Luxembourg, Mr Olivier Maes, considered that Serbia and Kosovo had overcome an important step towards European integration with the decision taken on 28th June 2013 by the European Council to open accession negotiations with Serbia and to authorise the opening of negotiations towards the conclusion of a stabilisation and association agreement between the European union and Kosovo. In this context, he underscored that the implementation of the 19th April 2013 agreement had to be pursued in order to consolidate the on-going normalisation process.

In this regard, Luxembourg's Deputy Permanent Representative drew attention to the importance of a proper conduct of the local elections foreseen for 3 November 2013. Mr Maes called for the continuation of reforms in Kosovo and for the irreversible dismantling of parallel structures. Given the progress made, he considered that the new reality should be taken into account in the international community's, including the Security Council's approach and that the international community's presence on the ground should be adapted in the medium term. As Serbia's and Kosovo's European perspective will continue to become more concrete over the coming years, it is evident that the need for the United Nations' involvement in Kosovo will become less pressing.