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Luxembourg endorses the New Deal for Engagement in Fragile States

Published Tuesday January 17 2012

Luxembourg has joined some thirty countries, 15 of which are fragile states, which have committed to improving the impact of development cooperation in fragile situations.

The States and multilateral organisations endorsing the New Deal, concluded in the margins of the 4th High-level Forum on Aid Effectiveness in Busan in December 2011, note that 1.5 billion people live in conflict-affected and fragile states, that about 70% of fragile states have seen conflict since 1989, that these countries are furthest away from achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and finally that basic governance transformations may take 20-40 years.

As a response, they commit to basing their interventions on the objectives of peace- and statebuilding, to support inclusive country-led and country-owned transitions out of fragility and finally to build greater mutual trust through greater transparency and by managing ODA more effectively for results.

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