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Luxembourg participates at the open debate of the Security Council on the situation in Somalia

Published Monday March 05 2012

During her intervention, the Permanent Representative recalled that the next six months will be determining for Somalia. Ambassador Lucas underlined that it is now primarily up to all Somali political actors and notably the Transitional Federal Government to demonstrate their will to seize this opportunity to complete the transition process until the month of August, so that the reconciled Somali people may live in peace and security and so that the Somali authorities may establish rule of law leaving no space for pirates and terrorists.

The Permanent Representative stated that the commitment of Luxembourg is articulated along three lines: political, security and humanitarian. Luxembourg thus contributed 750,000 euros to the United Nations Trust Fund in support of the Somali Transitional Security Institutions. In parallel, Luxembourg participates actively in the European Maritime Mission ATALANTA, by making available two reconnaissance planes based in the Seychelles. Luxembourg has also detached military instructors to the European military training Mission, which is training Somali security forces. Finally, Luxembourg remains an important and reliable donor in terms of humanitarian aid. Over the last years, more than eleven million euros have been disbursed in favour of the Horn of Africa, more than half of which for Somalia.

In conclusion, Ambassador Lucas assured that Luxembourg, in its national capacity as well as in the context of the efforts deployed by the European Union and the United Nations, will continue to support Somalia on the road to stabilisation and peace.

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