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Luxembourg participates in the 6th World Water Forum in Marseille

Published Tuesday March 13 2012

On March 13, 2012, the Minister for Home Affairs and the Greater Region of Luxembourg, Jean-Marie Halsdorf, who is in charge of the policy of Luxembourg in the field of water, attended the Ministerial Conference of the World Water Forum, a forum for exchanges between all actors involved in the field of water management, be they public, private or non-profit, at the global, regional and local levels.

Minister Halsdorf informed his colleagues on this occasion of the unanimous vote by the Luxembourg parliament, on March 7, 2012, of the law approving the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Non-navigational Uses of International Watercourses. Luxembourg has thus kept its commitment made at the 5th World Water Forum in Istanbul by ratifying this important agreement which will offer, as soon as it comes into force, a regulatory framework for cross-border cooperation between riparian States located in an international drainage basin.

The Ministerial Declaration adopted on March 13, 2012 at the 6th World Water Forum focuses on access to safe water and sanitation, to ensure the welfare of all. Participants have thus committed to « accelerate the full implementation of the human rights obligations relating to access to safe and clean drinking water and sanitation by all appropriate means as a part of [their] efforts to overcome the water crisis at all levels ». The conclusions of the 6th World Water Forum have to be seen in the perspective of the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development « Rio +20 ».