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Luxembourg participates in the General Assembly debate on the follow-up to the High-Level Meeting on revitalizing the work of the Conference on Disarmament

Published Friday July 29 2011

In his intervention, the Deputy Permanent Representative of Luxembourg, Mr. Olivier Maes, indicated that all of those serious about progress in disarmament could no longer accept the absence of substantive negotiations in the Conference on Disarmament. He called on all States to illustrate responsibility in implementing the program of work agreed upon in 2009. The first priority remains the immediate start of negotiations on a multilateral, non-discriminatory, and verifiable fissile material treaty. In this regard, the appointment of a scientific expert group mandated to examine the technical aspects of a “cut-off” treaty would represent a confidence-building measure which could facilitate the start of negotiations.

Luxembourg moreover stresses the importance of strengthening the involvement of civil society in the negotiations and regards a readjustment of the working methods of the Conference as paramount, notably in respect to the rule of consensus, which should not apply to the adoption of the program of work. 

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