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Luxembourg’s Deputy Prime Minister addresses the High-level Event on Peacebuilding

Published Tuesday September 25 2012

Deputy Prime Minister Jean Asselborn spoke at the High-level Event on Peacebuilding, entitled “Way towards sustainable peace and security”, which was organised by H.E. Sheikh Hasina, Prime Minister of Bangladesh, in the margins of the General Debate of the GA. In his speech, the Minister underlined the importance of conceiving peacebuilding as a long-term effort, which could only succeed through inclusive national ownership. The Minister underlined the importance of structural reforms in the security and justice sectors, as well as in public administration and finance, which are important milestones in the path towards the creation of a more just and inclusive state. He also underlined the important role and responsibilities of private sector stakeholders, who need stability, which in turn they have to reinforce through their activities.

The minister shared his conviction that the principal strength of the Peacebuilding Commission resides in its intergovernmental nature and its mobilising potential of important national, international and regional actors, behind a political strategy of peacebuilding and statebuilding priorities, which responds to national priorities. He also recalled Luxembourg’s commitment to contribute at least one million dollars to the Peacebuilding Fund in 2012-2014.

Link to Minister Asselborn’s speech