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Luxembourg speaks at the Security Council’s open debate on post-conflict peacebuilding

Published Thursday July 12 2012

In her statement to the Security Council on the occasion of the open debate, chaired by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Colombia, H.E. Ms María Ángela Holguín Cuéllar, Luxembourg’s Permanent Representative, Ambassador Sylvie Lucas, focused on the added value that the Peacebuilding Commission (PBC) can bring to the Council. The PBC can thus contribute usefully to the Security Council’s work when it is examining the situation of countries on the Commission’s agenda, as well as when it is holding debates of a thematic or regional nature.

Ambassador Lucas underlined that one of the strengths of the PBC lies in its intergovernmental nature and its mobilising potential. The Guinea Configuration alone, which is chaired by the Permanent Representative of Luxembourg, brings together 46 Member States as well as key regional and international actors and offers thus a framework of choice to improve coherence and coordination of international efforts in support of Guinea.

Ambassador Lucas recalled that the vocation of the PBC is political and not operational: the Commission represents a space for reflection and exchange of views, where deep-seated obstacles to peace and development can be addressed and countered. In order to be up to this task, the functioning of the PBC needs to be improved, with greater ownership by its Member States and the United Nations System.

The open debate was followed on 13 July 2012 by an interactive dialogue between the Member States of the Security Council, the Chairs of the Country-specific Configurations of the PBC and the Permanent Representatives of these countries. This first exchange in this format resulted in a wide consensus in favour of strengthening the PBC’s activities and its interaction with the Security Council.

Link to the statement by Ambassador Lucas