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Open debate of the Security Council on the impact of climate change upon security

Published Wednesday July 20 2011

In her intervention at the Security Council, the Permanent Representative of Luxembourg stressed that climate change constitutes a global challenge and can only be managed on a global scale. It requires efficient and appropriate international action, including, within their respective mandates, by all relevant organs of the United Nations, among which the Security Council.

Climate change does indeed have manifest repercussions upon the security and development of many states, in particular small island developing states. Climate change not only exacerbates existing threats caused by persistent poverty, weak institutions for resource management and conflict resolution, fault lines and a history of mistrust between communities and nations; it also causes new threats such as loss of territory, leading to the displacement of populations and statelessness, or competition for shared or non-delimited international resources.

Ambassador Lucas indicated that climate change is not fair. It impacts primarily the vulnerable, those who are least responsible for its causes, yet who have to cope with its effects on a daily basis. It is for this reason that the Luxembourg Development Cooperation has started several years ago to integrate the issues of mitigation and adaptation to climate change in a systematic fashion within its development programs, and contributes to Fast-Start financing in order to meet climate change. 

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