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Security Council: Annual Debate on Post-conflict Peacebuilding

Published Thursday April 25 2013

The Security Council held its annual debate on post-conflict peacebuilding on the basis of the annual report of the Peacebuilding Commission (PBC) on its sixth session ( S/2013/63 ).

In her statement, the Permanent Representative of Luxembourg, who also chairs the country-specific configuration for the Republic of Guinea, touched upon three necessary conditions to improve the PBC's effectiveness: national ownership and leadership by the countries on the agenda, reinforcing the PBSO's capacity and its centrality in the UN System and deepening the relations between the Security Council and the Commission, notably by inviting the Chairs of the country-specific configurations to the Council's informal consultations.

The Council's annual debate was held in public and was followed a day later by an interactive dialogue between the Members of the Council, the Permanent Representatives of the countries on the PBC's agenda and the Chairs of the country-specific configurations.

Link to the statement by the Permanent representative of Luxembourg