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Semi-annual meeting of the UNSC with the Heads of military components of peacekeeping operations

Published Wednesday June 26 2013

On 26th June 2013, the Security Council held its semi-annual meeting with the heads of the military components of the current UN peacekeeping operations. This meeting was an opportunity to address the evaluation of pre-deployment training, the use of modern technologies in peacekeeping operations and inter-mission cooperation.

In his statement, Mr Olivier Maes, Deputy Permanent Representative of Luxembourg, raised the usefulness of pre-deployment training for peacekeepers in order to mitigate risk and ensure the security of those who are entrusted to their protection. He welcomed the proposal to create an entity in charge of evaluation.

Mr Maes underscored how the combination of modern technologies for the gathering, transmission and analysis of information on the one hand, and modern technologies allowing for the use of non-lethal force on the other hand, allowed UN Missions better to fulfil their mandate of the protection of civilians.

Concerning intermission cooperation, Mr Maes mentioned Luxembourg's support to the strengthening of this cooperation in order to allow for a more effective use of resources for peacekeeping missions. He insisted however that intermission cooperation should be no substitute to the proper equipment and resourcing of Missions for the fulfilment of their mandates.

Mr Maes concluded his intervention by expressing Luxembourg's profound gratitude for the commitment of all the heads of military of UN Missions, as well as their staff, who do indispensable work in often difficult conditions, to implement the mandates given to them by the Security Council.

Link to the statement by Mr Maes