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Syria: Security Council adopts PRST on humanitarian situation

Published Wednesday October 02 2013

The Security Council adopted a Presidential Statement on the humanitarian situation in Syria, condemning human rights violations and abuses committed by all parties to the conflict and calling on them to fully respect their obligations under international humanitarian law and to take all appropriate steps to protect civilians. Through this decision, the Security Council also requests that humanitarian access be facilitated throughout Syria across national borders and across conflict lines, and that all bureaucratic impediments be immediately lifted by the Syrian authorities.

This is the first time that a common decision by the Security Council tackles all aspects of the humanitarian situation which results from the conflict in Syria in such a comprehensive manner. This statement amplifies the demands of the humanitarian actors on the ground and gives them the unanimous support of the Security Council in their dealings with the parties to the conflict. Australia and Luxembourg have conducted the negotiations that have led to the adoption by consensus of this PRST.

Link to Presidential Statement S/PRST/2013/15