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Thematic Security Council meeting in “Arria” format on the protection of journalists

Published Friday December 13 2013

On 2 November 2013, two French journalists, Ghislaine Dupont and Claude Verlon, were kidnapped and later murdered in Kidal, Mali. In order to reflect upon the question of how better to protect journalists, France and Guatemala co-chaired an “Arria-formula” meeting of the Security Council, on the topic of the protection of journalists on Friday 13 December. The meeting brought together States, representatives of the United Nations, journalists and civil society representatives. It was an opportunity to hear testimonials from information professionals who have worked in dangerous situations and to take stock of the implementation of resolution 1738 (2006) on the protection of journalists.

In her statement, Ambassador Sylvie Lucas underlined that assaults on journalists in times of conflict are not only attacks against civilians but also represent a threat to freedom of expression and freedom of the press, an inalienable characteristic of any open society. She then participated in the exchange with the panellists on the means necessary for a better protection of journalists, notably through the instruments of the United Nations.