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Yemen: Adoption of resolution 2140 (2014)

Published Wednesday February 26 2014

The Security Council adopted unanimously resolution 2140 (2014) in order to welcome recent progress made in the political transition in Yemen. The Council expressed its firm support to the pursuit of the next stages of this transition led by the Yemeni people, attached to democracy, good governance, the Rule of Law, national reconciliation and the respect of human rights and fundamental freedoms.

This resolution, cosponsored by Australia, the Russian Federation, France, the US, Lithuania, Luxembourg and the United Kingdom, foresees sanctions against all those who would attempt to hinder this political transition. It establishes a sanctions regime, to be managed by a Security Council subsidiary committee. This committee will be assisted by four experts and will be in charge of naming spoilers and impose a travel ban and an assets freeze on them. 

The Council is moreover worried by the grave human rights violations committed in the north and the south of the country and condemns the ever more numerous  attacks by Al-Qaida in the Arab peninsula and its affiliates. The Council notes with concern that children continue to be recruited and used by armed groups and the Yemeni government armed forces and requests the adoption and implementation of an action plan to stop the recruitment and use of children to military ends.