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The Union citizen and his family member, also Union citizen

Entry and residence conditions for a stay inferior to three months

The Union citizen, as well as his  family members that are also Union citizens, have the right to enter on the territory of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg and reside here for up to three months if they are holders of either a valid identity card or a valid passport.


Working in Luxembourg

The Union citizen is authorised to work in Luxembourg without needing to apply for a work permit first, except for Croatian nationals. These have to request a work permit first, as long as the transitional provisions relating to the Accession Treaty are still applicable.


For further information on the procedure to be followed, please see:


Work permit for Croatian national

Work permit renewal for Croatian nationals (only if the expired work permit’s validity was inferior to one year) (only available in French)



The applicant can appoint somebody to apply for a work permit for him/her. In this case, the appointed person (proxy), except for juridical consultants, must have a duly signed and dated mandate from the principal. The signature on this mandate must be preceded by the hand-written phrase “good for power of attorney”.

Model of a mandate/proxy