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Who is considered a family member of a Union citizen?

Is considered to be a family member of a Union citizen:

  • the sponsor’s spouse (husband/wife);
  • the registered partner ;
  • the immediate descendant (child) of the Union citizen or his spouse/partner if the child is less than 21 years of age or dependent*;
  • the immediate dependent* ascendant (parent) of the Union citizen or of his spouse/partner.

Can be eligible (only with the Minister’s agreement) all other family member not mentioned above, if one of the conditions below is fulfilled:

  •  in the country of providence, he/she was dependent* on or part of the household of the Union citizen who has the main residence right;
  • if it is absolutely necessary for the Union citizen to look after the family member personally due to major health problems.

Furthermore, the partner with which the Union citizen has a long-lasting relationship (proof must be delivered) can be considered as family member. The long-lasting nature of the relationship is examined by considering the intensity, the length and the stability of the bonds between the partners. The long-lasting nature of the relationship can be proved by all means. It will be proved if partners:

a) have been living together for at least one year in a legal and continuous way;
b) have a child together for whom they share parental responsibilities.

The partners must not be engaged in bonds of marriage, declared partnership (PACS) or a long-lasting relationship with any other person aside from the person they wish to accompany to or join in Luxembourg.

* The person that claims to be dependent must bring proof of financial support and proof of regular money transfers made to his/her attention by the person he/she wishes to join in Luxembourg (bank transfers, transfers made by an agency, etc mentioning the name of the person transferring the money as well as the recipient’s name). Also, the state of indigence in the country of origin must be proved. These money transfers must have been made regularly over a period of at least six months before submitting the application for the family reunification visa. The amounts must be sufficient to allow the applicant to cover his/her needs in the country of origin.