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Climate change and global poverty : two challenges, one fight !

Publié le jeudi 18 juin 2009

With a view of the UN Climate Change Conference which will take place in Copenhagen in December 2009, the Ministers of Development Cooperation of Luxembourg and Germany point out that those people in the developing countries who are the last to blame for greenhouse gas emissions will be the hardest hit by global warming, and call on industrial countries to mitigate the effects of climate change on developing countries by stepping up their aid budgets.

On the backdrop of the economic and financial crisis, Ministers Schiltz and Wieczorek-Zeul propose to address the twin challenges of global poverty and climate change with a sustainable development strategy coordinated at the international level. They appeal to donor countries to uphold their commitment to increase official development aid (ODA) to 0.7 % of gross national income by 2015 and to discuss an additional increase before 2020, to meet the additional cost of development due to climate change which is estimated at roughly 85 billion euros a year.

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